It is possible to increase your immunity to COVID-19 by spreading it to the invaders. This is done by having a vaccination.

While there are a variety of vaccines, they all function in a different manner and are designed to boost the immune system to fight COVID-19, without the patient having to be a victim first.

A few people may suffer from mild flu-like symptoms such as chills or body aches after getting vaccination. This is due to the fact that their immune system is working to fight the threat.

Vaccines are necessary for the immune system, as they do not represent an immediate danger. They have a virus-innocuous component that’s designed to boost an immune system that is strong.

The first dose exposes your human body to this virus in order to allow it to recognize this virus in the near future. The second dose boosts the immune response.

Many other studies, such as those of the ZOE COVID Symptom study have proven that taking two or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine may reduce the risk of contracting the virus, as well as the risk of getting seriously ill in the event that it occurs.

The most comprehensive investigation of its type anywhere in the world also demonstrated that long COVID can be prevented through vaccination .


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Lifestyle changes that boost your immunity

While there isn’t a magic solution to problems with your immune system but there are changes in lifestyle and even other aspects that you can make to boost your immune system.

Diet, Gut Health

We have learned from our experience that your diet can have an impact on the health of your gut. This can also affect your the immune system.

A ZOE study that involved nearly 600,000 people found that the severity of COVID-19-related hospitalization was 40percent less likely when people ate nutritious, high in plant nutrients and gut-friendly fermented foods instead of eating a diet that was poor.

A healthy diet includes:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Oily Fish, nuts, and seeds
  • Many gut-friendly fermented foods

A study in 2021 that involved more than 2,800 people across six nations found that people who follow an all-plant (or the pescatarian) diet had a lower chance of being overweight to be ill-advised than those who do not eat meat, fish or other animal.

But, diet alone can’t ensure an immune system that is strong and that is able to fight COVID-19 or any other disease.

Healthy diets may also result in people being more active, enjoy better sleeping patterns, and reside in areas that have ease of access to preventative health services.

To find out more information about ZOE and the ways it could assist you to consume healthy food Take our quiz.


The obese are more likely to become sick than those who are of normal weight.

Even if a person is well-behaved and healthy, their risk of having severe COVID-19 is higher in obese people.

A large study of 54 studies found that obese individuals had a 45percent higher chance of developing COVID-19 and also were significantly more likely from COVID-19.

Researchers suggest that obesity can make COVID-19 more severe by triggering an immune response that is too active.

ZOE’s COVID study revealed that those who were overweight or obese are more likely to experience serious COVID symptoms. Like U.K. studies Similar results were observed in different U.K. studies.

It isn’t easy to shed weight. A nutritionist or a doctor might be able to aid.

ZOE can assist you in understanding the control of your metabolism. ZOE provides a home test kit to analyze your blood sugar levels, blood fat , and gut microbiome. Your customized ZOE program will assist you to discover the most suitable food for your body using the most up-to-date research.


Your immune system depends on your sleeping habits. Studies have shown that sleeping habits can impact the immune system’s capacity to function effectively and can lead to worse health results and inflammation.

There is evidence that shows that vaccinations may not be as efficient if you don’t get enough sleep enough.

It isn’t easy to sleep enough in our busy world. It is essential for you to prioritize your sleeping for your immune system and overall well-being.


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