When we talk about the people who are suffering from some kind of mental issue, we see that there are a lot of variations in this category. Sometimes the habits of a few people look similar to each other while the others might be unique in every aspect.

Whatever be the way of expressing mental health issues, such people need attention. Self-harm is one of those things where the affected person seems to harm himself or injure himself to an extent that can be alarming and can sometimes be irreversible too.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to follow the tips that would help you care for someone who is suffering from this issue and this post throws light on those tips.

  • When you get to know that a person you care for, is self-harming, the first thing is to control your own emotions. On getting this news, you might become shocked, angry, frustrated, helpless, or even responsible and you should try to stay calm. Do not panic and try to take things under control.
  • You should remember that if a person is self-harming, he is going through something difficult already, and lecturing him or worrying him with your anger is not going to help at all.

  • The first thing you need to do is to help them come out of this situation and for that, you will ask them politely and in a friendly way about the things that make them get stressed and they start doing self-harm. You should be ready for anything in response because they might or might not want to express themselves to you.
  • Secure the person and move away from anything that can be damaging. And you would be amazed at the magnitude of possibilities for this thing. They can use anything for hurting themselves. The facilities that care for such persons, even have an anti-ligature notice board to make sure that the respective person stays out of harm’s way.
  • Offer any possible support and help that you can afford for the person and do not hesitate to include the other people as well. If there is a mutual friend or someone who can take care of these things, then ask them to join you as well.
  • Understand that only one-day talk is not going to prove sufficient for bringing the person out of trouble. He might need multiple sessions and plenty of time for it.