Tiktok might have become a very popular platform but with great fame comes great responsibility and that’s why the platform has been a target of constant scam attacks that has looted people via lucrative deals. Here are the top 8 scams that people should avoid and stop providing any type of payments to anonymous people online.

Redirecting to Adult sites scam

By following this scam, the fraudulent or scammer account steal photos of women those are mostly celebrities. They cleverly use their bikini and workout shots to the TikTok accounts to lure the users. Most of them even upload short videos to entice the users to click the link which refers the viewer to the adult site or to Snapchat accounts where he is asked to pay a huge chunk of money in order to  gain access to the website.

Fake Apps Scam

Some fake accounts on TikTok follow this trick to promote their scam apps which in turns asks users to enter their credit card details. The apps offer unbelievable discounts or packages that is too good to be true but still some users click on the link to open the website which asks them to provide their bank details and then rest is just robbery.

People are advised to be cautious before communicating with any stranger and even if they do then they should not out their personal details such as bank information or card numbers.

TikTok Download Video Without Watermark

Most of the people are always in a search that how to download TikTok video without watermark. So in between most of the people also make their downloading website but that force you to download other pirated software.

So to avoid from these Scam you should know the right website which allows you to download tiktok video without Watermark. You can visit the link by Clicking Here.

Impersonation Scam

Also commonly known as fake celebrity scam, here the scammers tactically create an almost same account as the actual user with only a minute difference it also has the same profile photos, videos, and reels so it becomes difficult to identify the real one. Some of them are pros scammers, who even manage to get a verification tick. Later when they have enough followers, they post stories of crypto scams to gain money while impersonating as a celebrity.


Likes and Followers Scam

This scam uses people’s wish to become famous. They provide exactly what the user needs, likes and followers, in return of heft amount. While some provides bot followers other won’t even respond after transaction and they just disappear in the thick air.

TikTok Phishing Email scam

This is an old phishing trick where the hacker send malware via emails and the users end up losing all its credentials. Hackers get hold of email accounts of certain TikTok users and all they do is send a phishing email to the user offering enticing deals, discounts, and money options. When anyone click ok the email it will redirect you to the website which requires your credentials or most of the time your complete system is hacked.

You should be careful before replying to sponsored posts or clicking any link that might land you in trouble.

Bot Accounts Scam

In the world of internet, bot accounts are everywhere they will talk to you as if they are human beings and be friends with you to that extend that they will end up asking your credit card details and renal information or they will try to redirect to certain sites that can hack you whole account.

Tiktok AD Scam

These ad scams typically promote questionable products or extremely overpriced things that are offered by drop shipping.

Although drop shipping itself isn’t a scam, but the problem arises when the ads offers over priced, questionable, dupe, or counterfeit products. Most of the users end up paying money for the products that they won’t even receive.

Romance Scams

Romance scams are running quite high since the release of  Netflix documentary ‘The Tinder Swindler’,  which features schemes to lure women and steal their money. According to TikTok the swindlers use TikTok to target women and confess their affection for them.

The eBay practice is to ask questions from your newly found crush and offer them physical meeting where there are very high chances of them getting exposed as an imposter.


These were the popular TikTok scams that you should be aware of being a viewer or a creator. Let us know if you have come across any other such frauds that links you to the scammers and how you got rid of them.