immune system

Our immune system is what protects us against unseen diseases and health threats that we are surrounded by. It also helps us recover fast from illnesses that we catch. In scientific terms, the immune system is a complex mesh of cells and proteins that keep the body safe against infections.

Immune System

The immune system is smart enough to keep track of every germ it has fought and defeated in the past.

This is because the next time the same germ attacks, our immune system can use the same mechanism of defeating it and destroy it quickly after entering our body.

Some people are born with tough immune systems, but the good news for the rest is that it can be boosted to make it even stronger. The following are some tips about how to boost immune system naturally.

Sleep a lot:

By a lot, it isn’t meant that keep sleeping the whole day and night. But we all know how much sleep and rest are important for our bodies to remain fresh and active. The same is for our immune systems.

We need to sleep as much as our bodies require so that we can combat diseases and make our immune systems strong. Having enough sleep and a good quality sleep will help our immune system to strengthen, and hence we will be able to get away with infections and diseases. 

Some duration are required for individuals to spend sleeping. For adults, this duration is 8-10 hours, while for children it is 14 hours. You must complete this time to let your immune system grow while you give your body some rest.

You might also feel trouble in sleeping for this long because most of us have a disrupted sleep pattern. But to cure this, you can use tactics like limiting screen time, exercising, having a good diet, or simply by having good thoughts before sleeping. Make sure you get quality sleep; otherwise, I would be the same as not sleeping at all.

Eat from nature:

If you google about what are the signs of a weak immune system, you will find topics related to food that aggravated the issue. Food and our eating cycles add up a lot to how our bodies react and behave.

Eating natural food that comes to us directly from nature help us repair our bodies that we have destroyed eating processed food. Natural food like fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts are boosted with nutrients, Vitamins and antioxidants help you fight pathogens. 

These foods contain antioxidants that help you combat inflammation by fighting compounds called free radicals. These compounds can cause inflammation when they build up in the body. And severe inflammation can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart issues, and cancers.

Eating plants and natural foods will give your body a good intake of fiber that will help you with digestion issues. Your digestive system works a lot better, and hence your immune system also strengthens.

Get healthy fats:

Healthy fats are those available in foods like olive oil and salmon. These fats also help in reducing inflammation in the body. They are always suggested in topics of how to boost your immune system naturally. Inflammation, when in lower levels, is not that harmful and can be a common response to stress or injury.

But chronic inflammation is a case to be dealt with seriously and can even affect your immune system. Olive oil is a great supplement for fighting off inflammation and can help with diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart illnesses. Anti-inflammatory foods can also help fight harmful bacteria out of your body. 

Exercise for immune system:

We need to spare out time for exercise. Physical activity is known to give alt of health benefits for the human body; you need not do excessive exercise to boost your immune system. But moderate exercise will help you boost our immune system and stay healthy. People who are already dealing with immunity issues can practice one session of physical workout daily and experience all the positive health results.

The NPR staff likes to exercise in several different ways.

Strengthen your immune system

This will help reduce inflammation and regulate the regeneration of your immune cells. Different exercises that are moderate enough and good enough to boost your immune system are bicycling, jogging, hiking, and swimming.

Drink plenty of water:

Dehydration can welcome many health issues. Though it does not directly affect your immune system, it can bring in a few health risks that can lead to a weaker germ protecting system. Due to dehydration, your physical performance, mood, digestion, and kidney and heart function may get affected. These conditions can increase your risk of getting sick. 

immune system

To prevent issues of dehydration and hence these illnesses, you must drink enough water and maintain your fluid intake per day. Water is the most recommended source of the hydrating body as it does not have any amounts of sugar or additives.

You should know your body’s natural calling and should listen to it. When you feel thirsty, you should drink water, and when not, you must stop. But older people must drink regular shots of water as their bodies do not produce signals of the need for water intake. 

Manage stress levels:

This is also a great tip on the topic of how to strengthen immune system as our mood and emotional feelings also impact how our body behaves. Having a relaxed time that is free of any anxiety is key to a healthier immune system—stress when prolonged can cause inflammation and an imbalance in our cell function.

immune system

You can manage your stress levels by participating in activities that involve physical work like yoga, meditation, and other mind reliving practices. Seeing a counselor who can loosen up the stress knots in you will also be of great help.

These were some of the best practices involved in making the immune system stronger than ever. You can follow all these steps and see a prominent change in how your body behaves to external issues and occurrences.